Baby It’s Cold Inside

Baby, It’s Cold Inside is the latest addition to the Hallmark Channel’s roster of quality dramas.

Featuring Jocelyn Hudon, Kathryn Kohut, and Steve Lund, it is a heartwarming story about a family in crisis.

It will air on May 8 at 9 pm ET/PT.

It will also be replayed several times during the days following its premiere. You can also watch it on demand.

Steve Lund

The Hallmark Channel is revamping its movie lineup with an all-new film, Baby, It’s Cold Inside, which follows a traveling agent who falls in love with the handsome owner of an ice hotel.

The movie also stars Jocelyn Hudon and Steve Lund.

In the movie, a travel planner named Hanna is asked to research the world’s most famous Ice Hotel.

She decides to take her best friend Phoebe along.

When she learns that the Ice Hotel has been open for business for over 100 years, she’s eager to visit.

Hudon plays Hanna, who is dissatisfied with her family’s annual holiday trip.

In order to get away from the family, she researches the Ice Hotel and enlists her best friend, Phoebe, to go along.

Phoebe is bummed out over a breakup, so she decides to accompany her.

After retiring from the NHL in 2008, Steve Lund took acting classes in Vancouver and decided to pursue acting full-time.

Despite his hockey background, he loves to whistle and can make any song sound good.

His acting career has also seen him appearing in TV shows such as Haven and Street Legal.

The Hallmark Channel is premiering the new movie Baby It’s Cold Inside on May 8, at 9 pm ET/PT.

The movie will also be replayed several times in the days following the original air date.

It will also be available on demand.

The movie is a must-see for all Hallmark fans.

Jocelyn Hudon has made appearances in several other movies and television series, including When Hope Calls and The Strain.

She has also been involved in several projects with Canadian actor Jake Manley.

The two have been dating for several years and announced their engagement in August 2020.

The Hallmark Channel’s new holiday movie, Baby, It’s Cold Inside, was shot in Quebec, Canada.

The movie’s setting is a real winter wonderland, complete with an ice hotel and chapel.

The cast and crew adhered to strict safety guidelines and regulations in order to create the film.

Kathryn Kohut

Hallmark Channel is premiering a new original movie on May 8, Baby, It’s Cold Inside.

The film stars Steve Lund and Jocelyn Hudon.

The story centers around Hanna, a top travel agent.

She’s been asked to investigate a mysterious hotel called Ice Hotel. She convinces her best friend Phoebe to join her.

Jocelyn Hudon is a Canadian actress who trained as a ballerina when she was young.

She attended the National Ballet School of Canada and has a degree in communications.

She has a dog named Baby.

Steve Carell also has a dog named Baby.

The upcoming Hallmark movie, ‘Baby, It’s Cold Inside’, is centered around wintry themes.

It premieres on May 8 at 9 p.m. eastern on Hallmark.

Kathryn Kohut, Jocelyn Hudon, Steve Lund, and other Hallmark favorite cast members will star in the movie.

The cast of Baby, It’s Cold Inside is comprised of several well-known actors.

Randy Thomas, who also stars in “A Merry Holiday,” has appeared in numerous Hallmark movies.

Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace are also part of the cast.

Filming for the Hallmark original movie ‘Baby, It’s Cold Inside’ took place in Canada’s famous Ice Hotel.

The film’s setting was a real winter wonderland.

The cast braved the freezing Canadian winter to film this movie.

Safety measures were strictly adhered to by the production team, including the use of protective gear.

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