Baby Shower Cakes For Boys With a Boyish Theme

If you’re planning a baby shower for a boy, you’ll want a cake with a boyish theme.

Some good ideas include a Sesame Street theme, a baseball hat theme, or a nautical theme.

There are even some fun themes you can use, such as Topsy-turvy cakes.

Sesame Street theme

A Sesame Street theme is a cute way to decorate a baby shower cake for a boy.

You can create invitations and party favors that feature this fun and colorful theme.

For invitations, you can choose from a wide variety of designs on sites such as Zazzle.

Save-the-date cards should be sent well in advance.

The invitations, decorations, and cake can be made with any recipe and can be a fun way to celebrate the baby boy.

You can also find toys, patterned bottles, and towels in most baby stores that match the theme.

You can also buy some of the baby’s necessities, such as lotion and pacifiers.

You can find plenty of ideas online to decorate a baby shower cake for a boy.

Sesame Street has a wide variety of ideas, and you can easily pick one that suits the boy’s interests.

For instance, a baby shower cake that looks like a Sesame Street character can be made with toys that are related to the upcoming arrival.

While choosing a theme, it is important to consider the budget.

If the budget is tight, it’s a good idea to save money by making your own decorations.

For example, you can make blue Cookie Monster cookies or chop cookies with melty chocolate in the center.

Besides buying a cake, you should also consider food for the party. For food, blue Cookie Monster cookies are a delicious option.

Baseball hats

Baseball hats make adorable baby shower cakes for boys.

Choose a 10″ grass cake or an 8″ square cake cut into a Home Plate shape and covered with Fondant.

Then, create a Baseball Hat out of a 1/2 Ball Pan and fill it with rice Krispies treats.

When the hat is completely dry, stick a real baseball hat on top.

Alternatively, choose a Star Wars theme and include lightsabers, stars, or a galaxy look.

A baseball theme is another fun option.

Top it with a miniature baseball hat and team logo for a boy-themed baby shower.

Don’t let gender stereotypes stop you from using baseball hats as the theme of your baby boy’s shower.

You can even make a baseball cake with a baseball on top!

Another cute idea for baseball-themed baby showers is to use a baseball-themed cake as a cake topper.

It’s a great way to keep the theme gender-neutral.

You can also use a baseball-themed diaper cake as a centerpiece.

You can make the cake yourself or have it made by a professional baker.

If you are having a nautical theme for the shower, you can make a cake featuring anchors.

This cake is ideal for beach weddings or nautical baby showers.

Or you can create a cake with cute farm animals.

Or, if the baby shower is gender-neutral, you can also make a cake with a blue or gray color theme.

This cake will add to the fun and whimsy of the party.

Cakes can be made with any theme.

You can use any theme you want, from classic to unique.

The options are endless.

Baby shower cakes can be decorated with sprinkles or sculpted toppers. You can even use confetti on the frosting.

Nautical theme

When it comes to baby showers, there are many ways to personalize your party.

One of the best ways to do this is by choosing nautical colors and accents.

A nautical theme will go well with almost any color scheme, so you can easily pick out decorations that are both eye-catching and practical.

To tie the theme together, consider using a personalized cutting board as a serving platter.

Similarly, you can use nautical-themed napkins and table covers to set a nautical-themed table.

You can also incorporate a nautical theme into your baby shower’s food.

For example, if you’re having a baby shower for a boy, you could serve ice cream, fruit, and veggies in nautical-themed containers.

You could also try making a simple jello sailboat for the occasion.

Another easy idea for baby shower food is a sand dollar cookie, which will go great with the nautical theme.

Or, you could even put trail mix in fun paper boats.

If you’re planning to make a cake for the shower, you can make it a nautical-themed one using a nautical theme.

You can also decorate it with vintage-inspired props and decorations.

You can even use an old suitcase to display favors and beverages.

Nautical-themed party favors include balloons and confetti.

If you’re not very crafty, you can try to make some paper sailboats using origami.

They’ll look great and be very inexpensive. You can also use lifesavers as party decorations.

If you’re having a shower for a boy, you can also make a cake for the party. You can add an anchor and a life preserver as decorations.

You can even add a baby boy figurine at the top.

You can also get creative and decorate the cake using card stock.

Topsy turvy cake

This cake looks like a 3D animation.

On top of the two-tiered cake, there is a blue teddy bear, and the sides are decorated with buttons.

A white and gray zig zag pattern runs across the middle layer.

Finally, a big pink bow covers the top tier.

A topsy-turvy cake for boys is sure to impress!

This cake is ideal for baby showers for boys.

The design is reminiscent of a fairytale.

The top tier is topped with a real-looking baby, who sleeps beneath a crescent moon.

The lower tier is decorated with a cute pink rabbit and a sturdy elephant.

The cake is frosted with a white fondant design that sets it apart from the other cakes and makes it a great place for a special message for the mother and baby.

The pastel colors contrast nicely with the white fondant.

A topsy-turvy cake is a whimsical design that makes the cake look lean.

The top layer is cut on a slant and the subsequent layers are also hollowed out to appear lopsided.

A lopsided cake can be made using a round or square cake pan.

A topsy-turvy baby shower cake makes a statement with its colorful design.

The cake is decorated with four colorful bears, which sit on top of the greenery.

It is decorated with gingham and daisies, and a message can be engraved on the middle tier.

The cake is adorned with adorable baby elephants and a yellow banner.

It is perfect for a baby boy’s shower.

Winnie the Pooh theme

A Winnie the Pooh baby shower is a popular theme for a boy’s baby shower, and you can have a lot of fun with the cake decorations.

Consider serving Tigger tails, marshmallows, chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, and more.

For the cake, go for a classic Winnie the Pooh design, in white with yellow stripes and black bee designs.

The cake design can feature a yellow Pooh bear eating honey, or a yellow bear surrounded by black bees.

For the food table, you can also serve savory food items such as a variety of cheeses and meats.

A cake with the Winnie the Pooh character theme will also work perfectly for a girl’s baby shower.

In addition to cakes, you can make Winnie the Pooh baby shower favors that are gender-neutral.

You can also choose a baby registry so that guests can buy gifts for the new family.

For decorations, you can use Winnie the Pooh figurines and a banner.

You can also place low wooden tables surrounded by throws and yellow and white daisy bouquets.

While Winnie the Pooh baby shower cakes are a cute way to welcome a baby boy, they also go well with your baby’s nursery theme.

You can even create a Winnie the Pooh baby shower favor bag filled with candy.

It’s sure to delight the guests and make for easy cleanup after the party.

For the dessert table, you can prepare honey-flavored muffins.

You can also make honey pots with wooden honey dippers.

A sweet drink to accompany the desserts is honey lemonade, which tastes delicious and is easy to prepare.

You can even use Winnie the Pooh cupcake toppers to create little bees on top of the cupcakes.

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