Lana Rhoades and Kevin Durant Baby Rumours Revealed

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the father of Lana Rhoades and Kevin Durant’s baby.

There are even rumors about a date between the two. Let’s get to know who is the father of the child.

Lana Rhoades Kevin durant baby’s father

A former adult film actress, Lana Rhoades, is pregnant with an NBA player’s baby.

Although she did not name the father in her Instagram post, Rhoades’ hints point to former teammates Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin.

Rhoades refused to name the player but did admit that he was a Brooklyn Nets player. He was the only Libra on the team.

The baby resembles the NBA star’s brother, Blake Griffin.

There are many theories about who is the father of Lana’s child, but the most popular is that Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin are involved.

While it is unclear whether or not Kevin Durant is the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby, the two were dating when the Brooklyn Nets star broke up with her.

In the months following, Rhoades announced her pregnancy and said that her boyfriend had a backup date.

The two had a long history of dating and were even involved in a relationship, but after the news broke, the internet was buzzing about who the father was.

The couple had an on-and-off relationship and seemed to break up in February 2021, when the sonogram was revealed.

Though Mike Majlak was quick to deny the rumors, it still caused speculation.

However, a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God suggested the baby’s father was Kevin Durant.

While the interview was not official, the fan community was able to believe that it was indeed the NBA star.

Although Lana Rhoades has yet to publicly name her baby’s father, the star is revealing more about him one day at a time.

She previously denied that she was angry with her ex-husband, and said he made his decision to leave her and their baby alone.

Rhoades is due in January 2022, which means the baby was conceived sometime around April or May this year.

Despite a recent rumor that her ex-husband Mike Majlak might be the father of her baby, Rhoades has never spoken publicly about the matter.

She has been in a relationship with Majlak for two years, and the two allegedly broke up in February.

rumors about Lana Rhoades relationship with Kevin durant

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news in the NBA, you may have heard rumblings about the Brooklyn Nets star Lana Rhoades and Kevin Durant’s relationship.

The actress, who hosts the popular podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, has been on a date with the Brooklyn Nets player.

However, she has remained mum about whether she’s dating him.

Rumors about Kevin Durant and Lana Rhoades’ relationship started when Rhoades attended an NBA playoff game with the NBA star, along with a group of friends.

However, the pair’s date brought along another girl, which led Lana Rhoades to feel friend zoned.

She called the night “boring,” but did not reveal who the other girl was.

The actress did not name the baby daddy of her son, but she did accidentally name him a Libra.

It is possible that Kevin Durant is the father of Lana’s child, but she has not revealed this information.

After the birth of her son, the rumors began to resurface.

The two had an on-and-off relationship for years.

The couple split in February 2021. Their relationship has been on-again and off-again, and it has been rumored that the NBA star is the father of her baby.

However, the basketball star did not confirm the news but said that the rumors are based on speculations.

Rumors about Lana Rhoades’ relationship with Kevin Doughty are spreading fast.

However, the two have been keeping a low profile, so they have not confirmed or denied these reports. However, the rumors have made the two celebrities appear more attractive to their fans.

The couple is now the parents of a baby boy named Milo.

The baby boy was born in January.

Though the baby boy has not spoken yet, his name has already become the subject of memes.

The two are tight-lipped about who his father is, but they are both in the same place emotionally. If the baby does talk, the baby’s father will know.

rumors about Lana Rhoades’s relationship with Mike Majlak

Rumors about Lana Rhoades’ relationship with YouTube star Mike Majlak have hit the internet recently.

The couple started dating at the beginning of the year and have since gone on and off.

However, a recent pregnancy announcement from Rhoades has set off a flurry of rumors.

While there is no proof that the couple is dating anymore, fans were left in a state of shock after reading about the news.

Although Rhoades and Majlak started dating in 2020, they broke up in February 2021.

During this time, she became pregnant and announced the news on her Instagram.

She did not reveal who the baby’s father was, but many rumors pointed to Mike Majlak as the father.

This was a common misconception, but Majlak denied the allegations in his podcast, Paul & Lana.

The couple had an on-and-off relationship for over a year.

Despite the on-and-off relationship, the couple reconciled in October but did not rekindle their romance.

The pair split again four months later.

In the meantime, the couple continued to remain tight-mouthed about their relationship.

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak started dating in January 2020, and the two met through Mike Majlak’s work with Logan Paul.

Although they met in the adult film industry, the relationship was made public after he retired from the industry.

Mike Majlak, who co-hosts the Impulsive podcast with Logan Paul, explained that the relationship was not impacted by her previous work.

In fact, the relationship didn’t even begin until after she stopped acting as a porn star.

The relationship between Majlak and Rhoades was rumored before Logan Paul died. Mike Majlak was introduced to Rhoades through Logan’s Impulsive channel, and the two entered a romantic relationship.

However, the relationship ended after Logan’s death.

However, Mike Majlak denied the rumors that his relationship with Logan Paul deteriorated after his death.

He also asserted that the relationship did not end until she moved in with him.

Although the couple’s relationship ended prematurely, the actress remained connected to Majlak through his YouTube vlogs.

Mike Majlak says that he has no hard feelings toward Rhoades, but still admires the actress.

He hopes to be friends with her in the future.

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